Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Flickr is awesome, I'm one of its whores. And a huge benefit of being a flickr fanatic is making new friends and finding out about awesome shiz! Today, I came across these sweet tees from a fella who calls himself flightless. Aside from making some pretty awesome shit, he is also self depreciating (as in he calls his stuff crap when it's not ;) ) That's like my favorite quality in a person! 
Also I command you to listen to this song: Fun.

Style Notes: 
Hair: !lamb. Girlfriend In A Coma - Honeycomb
Shirts: flightless. retro tees unisex
Jeans: Twisted & Spoiled Jeans in Dark Blue
Boots, bracelet and glasses: MIEL
Scarf: {mon tissu} Infinity Scarf - Rose Bud

 Get your Flightless tees here for only 10L! Ducknipple

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