Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cuckoo for COCO

Sup bitches. I've been away for a while because RL sucks sometimes, but I'm back so you can stop holding your breath now! I've had some amazaballs freebies sitting in my massive and unorganized inventory for quite some time now, and I figured it was time to share it with all 3 of you. COCO is like...my fav when it comes to free stuff, b/c they always have a ton of great things for their group members. Below I will demonstrate how you can look non-noobylishious on a tight (or non existent) budget.

Viola :) 


Styles Notes: 

* Sweater, Leggings, Boots and Purse all from *COCO* (Free for group members)
* Hair: !lamb. Girlfriend In A Coma - Honeycomb
* Glasses: MIEL HIPSTER PEEPERS - tortoise shell

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