Friday, July 13, 2012

Trapped in the closet

Okay - I'm sorry. To all two of my readers, RL got me for a while. 
I know you're really excited I'm back, I love you too.

** Disclaimer ** 
It will probably happen again.

This is pretty much how I dress for work every a five year old who thinks she's a princess. It's okay I'm allowed.

Hmmm what to wear

Sings >> I'm trapped in the closet!

It's all a blur except this purse

Shoe Close-up

Mon Tissu - Y U NO let me keep my lindens? 

 Style notes: 
Hair - Leltutka
Dress, Shoes and Purse- Mon Tissu
Closet pose prop - Glitterati (FREE! Ty Katey <3 ) 

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