Review Policy

Dear Friends,
Do you know what second life needs right now?
It’s probably NOT another fashion blog but we’re launching one anyway!
Started by RL journalist Kittee Skytower, The Plastics Blog is a fashion-centered blog which hopes to infuse a little fun, humor, and creativity into the SL blogging world.
In an effort to promote designers we would love to link your store page/blog to our site and of course if you would ever like to send us review copies or put us on a blog list to let the people know about future releases etc, we’d be more than happy to comply! Please IM or NC Kittee Skytower in world and feel free to add us to your friend list for easier/faster access!

Designers please note that while review copies are greatly appreciated we can not guarantee your items will be blogged. For best results please send any review copies in a folder with your store name and "For Plastics Blog" in the title. Thanks!