Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Personal Pleasure Hunt Starts Soon...

That's the Ugliest F'ing Skirt I Have Ever Seen... (version two: huge tittays edition)

Today I was sent something that made me laugh so much when I saw it, this woman obviously projects her fantasy on her avatar, which isn't bad for the biggest part, but hey! It IS bad when you fantasize about having HUGE geosize tits and not to mention that she looks like a cheap hoe' - Her hair it's just something I haven't seen since, I don't know, 2008 maybe?Also, this woman seems to have tanned feet while the rest of her body it's lighter, oh well, what else can I do apart from rambling here? And don't make me start with the creature in the background QUEEN BEE OUT.

- Maria

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

M is for Monroes

In addition to blogging and not doing my RL work, I also own a store in SL by the name of Monroes. If you haven't been there now's your chance to go - I'm sure you can't be too busy as you're reading this and all :) - PLUS I have a new set of swimsuits, The Tabitha Swimsuit, out today!

Comes in 6 colors, and the vintage print suit, featured above is only 50L for a limited time.
The white swimsuit is FREE for group members only :o)

-  Kittee Skytower  -

1st Look: 
Skin: Tuli - Emma in Pale
Bathing suit: Monroes Tabitha Swimsuit in Vintage (50L)
Shoes - DECO - Bloom Heel (licorice)
Hair: KLETVA-Hair/JOSS/Blond/Super Summer TDRB
2nd Look:
Bathing suit: Monroes Tabitha Swimsuit in White (group gift) 
Bag - *COCO* Clear Tote Bag (group gift)
Shoes: *YS & YS* RaiMbow Shoes Bianca
Hair:  Vive9 Fredja in Dust&Sugar

((All poses by Glitterati))

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cheap Junkie Finds

Hi! My name is Baya Rain and I'm a cheap junkie. I love fashion and I love finding it cheap. Today I was just wandering around in random shops as usual and out of the corner of my eye I spotted the most adorable top on a rather .. "manly" (and by that I mean a man) avatar. I was all "grr%^&@*!!, NOM I have to have it" So I poofed to this shop that I've never heard of and *BAM* its a group gift, and if you're new that means FREE.

 I'm dreaming .. It's girly, flirty, chic and sporty! Plus If you throw on some uber cute glasses, you'd totally achieve an A lister geek look.

  • Blouse, Shorts, Hat:  aDIVA Group gift. *Check notices!
  • Socks: Kyoot Last Thread (blue *One week gift only! 
  • Hair: !lamb. Unbirthday Redux - Powder group gift. 
  • Flats: Mimikri - Leoluxe flats. TDR (The Dressing Room) 70L.
  • Bracelet:  Shade Throne, Dungeon Coin.
  • Earrings: Miel, Ahi set.  

 Now tell me, who doesn't own a nautical piece of clothing in their inventory? Well if you don't, here is a very fetch fit to start your collection. <3

  • Blouse: S@BBiA group gift #24.
  • Skirt: M*Motion group gift.
  • Exile: Kendra, gift. *Many great female and !!MALE!! hairstyles, generously given away for free.
  • Socks - S@BBiA free socks.
  • Shoes:*FIR & MNA* The Ashford Brogue On sale this (week, month? unaware of the length of sale)! Unisex 60L
  • Corsage: SLink Orchid Wrist Corsage.
  • Glasses: BND (Bird Next Door) Nerd Glasses, 15L.

Why so seeerryous? DUH, because this school girl outfit is flawless. It adds all the appeal of this look without the skankiness, can I say that? Without the "I'm easy" tag written on your face.

  • Complete outfit: (Sweater, Skirt, Socks, Necktie) M*Motion Uniform of Winter, Group gift. *60min sit time.
  • Hair: !lamb. Teased Up - Twix, group gift
  • Shoes: Mentioned above.
  • Glasses: Mentioned above.

*All poses by [E.B] Prims & Poses - Initial Series.

Um what are you still reading for? GO get your style on. 
<3 Baya.

So Over Winter...

I don't know about you guys, but where I'm from it was BEYOND COLD this winter. I am very glad to finally be rid of my winter coat, and SL is no exception! There are some very cute outfits out there in honor of Summer and I went on a mini shopping spree at Paper.Doll & TFG & TDR today to celebrate and found everything from skins to swimsuits. Enjoy!

1st look
Shape: Blair by Monroes 
Skin: Al Vulo - Al vulo - sara * pink sunkissed
Romper: paper.doll - Summer: Cherry
Shoes: *YS&YS* - Stiletto Ibiza (at The Dressing Room)
Bag: CheerNo Femme - Wicker Bag ( @ The Fashion Garret aka TFG)
Hair: [e] Again - Black 04 (50L Friday)
2nd look
Bikini: [LeeZu!] Boho Bikini /yellow - TDR
3rd look
Skin: Al Vulo - Bitu (paradise bird bronze) (TFG)
Shape: Monroes - Cat (short)
Hair: [e] Horizon - Black
Romper: Paper.Doll Special edition Summer Romper (@ TFG)

(( All Poses by Glitterati! ))

Boys Can Be Cute Too...

Time and time again, I hear boys complaining that they get the short end of the stick when it comes to fashion choices in SL. I don't blame them frankly as there are obviously a lot more options for lady dudes. However, there are lots of cute stuff for guys too if you know where to look, even free stuff!

First Top: *ARAI* Long T Pocket_purple (free on marketplace & unisex)
Second Top: *ARAI* Swet02_blue (free on marketplace) 
Tees: = FRUK Tees = Charlie Winning T & Friday (both free and unisex)
Skin: *Sacred* Robert T2 - Shaved - black - bald
Hair: U.December/Picasa/chestnut
Shoes: *FIR & MNA* The Delaney Shoes Brown
Shorts: INDI - Cargo Shorts white
Jeans: {mon tissu} Denim - Lou Lou ~ Light
Fingernail polish: SiniStyle Faded Black Nails (Thumb,Index,Ring)

((Poses by STAKEY and Poormator Poses)) 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

That's the Ugliest F'ing Skirt I Have Ever Seen... (version one: entire avatar edition)

 So I found this BDSM Master and some friends told him to get on voice and teach us, while he was trying his hardest at, "making us blush" I snapped a picture of his 2007 before Christ avatar. 
                                                                - Maria

** Got your own pic of something fugs in SL? Please send them to Maria at (avatar names will NOT be included)

No Excuses...

Someone once told me that beauty is for sale in SL, and they’re right. With so many options, and so many things to choose from…from freebies to expensive ass shiz, why o why do some ppl insist on being fug? 
Don’t get me wrong now…I’m all for individuality  and recognize beauty comes in many forms. I'm not advocating every person on SL have pouty lips, a perfect figure and shiny hair or try to look alike, that would be BO-RING. But what I am saying is, whoever you ARE make it the best version you can. If you're a furry, pimp that furry av out. If you like having an overweight av WERK it, but as a wise reality show judge once said "make it work." If you want to do it, it is possible for everyone to put some effort into their av w/o spending loads of lindens :)
There is room in SL for all sorts of creatures, people and things, but we can all…individually…be hawt can’t we? 

                                           Here’s to being bangable, 
                                                                      -       Kittee Skytower

Skin: *YS & *YS Megan (Group Gift aka FREE) 
Shape: Monroes Lourdes Shape (Free at Body Shop upstairs) 
Hair: Vive9 Wang in Dye Tones (Free) 
Shorts & Top: Pig at Free Dove ( Free Dove = Free) 
Purse: Milk Motion (The Dressing Room - Not Free but only 70L) 
Shoes: The Dressing Room Gift Pumps in Black (Free)