Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sweet & Sour

 Oh Hi Guys....welcome to my actual SL home. A skybox where I avoid humanity and complain to myself about how no one is on anymore. 
This is my best (and right now only) friend Harold.  He's a little hungry so I'm just gonna  step away...

 You know just checkin my nails out...
 Love these GOS boots. They come with a lot of options including "kick face in" (jk)
Big fan of the floral print, delicate pink hues and badass boots.
 Crazy, totally awesome Beyonce armpit action

 I'll never get rid of my REEK scrabble couch, some legendary pixel butts have sat on it.
Seriously where is everybody? I miss the SL days of noobs coming uninvited into my skybox. Yeah I said it. At least something HAPPENED back then. Now I just sit around camming myself, shopping and pouting as demonstrated by the above picture. Until the days of not being able to change in peace return, I'll be here, blogging for my own amusement.
Here's to the good ol' SLdays.

Style Notes: 
Sweater and shorts - Mon Tissue 
Stockings - Tulip
Boots - GoS
Hair - Free Bob Color tester from Lamb 

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