Monday, July 25, 2011

Snooki is: Stuck on STAKEY!

Party's here!!! It's me, your girl Snookipickles Polizzi and I'm having fun at my favorite place in SL, The Jersey Shore Sim! I was looking for some gorilla juiceheads when I spotted a really cute store with a hot Italian looking guy inside so of course, I grabbed my pickle and ran over!

Snooki: HIIIIII!!!!

Raymond Ohmai: ....

Needless to say, he was happy to see me!!

He mysteriously disappeared after that, but that didn't stop me from having a good time!

After a while my pickle started to melt so I had to leave but head down to STAKEY on the Jersey Shore sim for some really nice poses, for an even better price guys! And as a bonus, for tomorrow only the whole store is 50L or less! You might even meet your very own gorilla juicehead! I gtg wait for him to call me on the duck phone. Bye boo boo!

Designer's Corner 3: Katey Coppola (Glitterati & Petticoat Lane)

 Hay ya'll and welcome to the 3rd installment of Designer's Corner with Katey Coppola, owner of Glitterati and the brand new clothing line Petticoat Lane! The first pose store I ever visited in SL was Glitterati and years later, it's still my go-to place for modeling, blogging or just messin' around with pictures. I got to sit down with Katey this week, and learn all about how Glitterati got started, what inspired her to get into clothing designing and what her days as a SL DJ? o.O Read on, it gets better!

Kittee Skytower: so first when did you start playing sl?
Katey Coppola-Nayar: oh gosh... January 2007
Katey Coppola-Nayar: I'm oldddd. this is my first avatar
Kittee Skytower: wow long time ago, so what made you start playing?
Katey Coppola-Nayar: my housemate at the time! I used to peek over his shoulder as he wandered around ao-less, he got a job working in a bar and I thought it seemed so much fun, so I nagged him til he gave up the url to sign up
Katey Coppola-Nayar: I think he just didn't want me to know about all the escort places he visited lol
Kittee Skytower: rofl
Kittee Skytower: does he still play?
Katey Coppola-Nayar: no, not anymore... but he finds it hilarious that this is my job now haha
Katey Coppola-Nayar: hah
Kittee Skytower: lol
Katey Coppola-Nayar: but then, I do too really
Kittee Skytower: so, Glitterati is your full-time job? How many hours would you say you put in a week on SL?
Bette Caroline Bodenhall: Rofl. Oh gawd don't ask her that.
Katey Coppola-Nayar: well, last tuesday I got a few hours of sleep
Katey Coppola-Nayar: hahaha
Kittee Skytower: lol
Katey Coppola-Nayar: a lot of hours, and I love at least 90% of them!
Kittee Skytower: when did you open up glitterati
Katey Coppola-Nayar: much much more than when I worked full time in an office, but I don't hate going to work anymore lol
Katey Coppola-Nayar: new years 08/09!
Kittee Skytower: nice :) so why a pose store?
Katey Coppola-Nayar: I remember I put up my first store on the Le Zoo sim, and rushed to finish before I had to go off for new years, and when I came back I was blown away that like 3 people had been there hehe. I'm a shutterbug in both worlds, was always a major customer of pose stores, and when I lost my rl job I just wanted something to do that'd keep my brain active while I looked for work
Katey Coppola-Nayar: ask Bette, I can't ever chill out, I have to be doing something productive alllll the time or I get really grumpy hah
Kittee Skytower: lol
Kittee Skytower: is it true Bette?
Bette Caroline Bodenhall: She is always working on something.
Bette Caroline Bodenhall: If I could climb through the screen and force feed her a sleeping pill, I would.
Kittee Skytower: lol
Katey Coppola-Nayar: I'd palm it and invis you and go work somewhere else haha
Bette Caroline Bodenhall: In a totally nice, worried, love her and want her to relax way!
Kittee Skytower: suuuuuure
Kittee Skytower: lol
Kittee Skytower: so Katey how would you say the pose business has changed in the years uve been in it?
Katey Coppola-Nayar: oh gosh, hugely. there's so much more diversity for a start! sooo many more stores, and buying poses is a really sociable thing to do nowadays, whereas before it was mostly photographers who would buy them. Blogging has also been a huge part of it... the blogging explosion over the last few years has really helped pose stores establish themselves, I think
Kittee Skytower: :)
Katey Coppola-Nayar: yeah, we all owe you guys a debt of grattitude :)
Kittee Skytower: haha its my pleasure, i really love ur poses, not to sound like a kiss ass but I just do
Katey Coppola-Nayar: aw thank you so much ❤
Kittee Skytower: :o)
Kittee Skytower: so, where do you get your inspiration from for your poses?
Katey Coppola-Nayar: hmm. different places really. sometimes I just sit there with poser open and poke limbs around til it makes sense, or sometimes it's a photo or a scene in a movie that made me go "aw"
Katey Coppola-Nayar: there's only so many ways to move a body part but there's soooo many things a body can be doing
Katey Coppola-Nayar: and to be honest I just want to make poses that illustrate life.. slife.. whatever
Katey Coppola-Nayar: I think everyone should take more photos! lol
Kittee Skytower: lol
Kittee Skytower: what would say is the hardest part of being a creator on SL?
Katey Coppola-Nayar: I want to word this carefully, because it's going to be a fine line between what I mean and sounding like a jackass lol
Kittee Skytower: lol take ur time
Katey Coppola-Nayar: the hardest part is the demanding nature of having work and play in the same place... you never get to just hang out with your friends anymore, you always have a windowful of IMs going "this didn't deliver" "can you make this" "what are you wearing in x photo" etc. And don't get me wrong... I am so, so humbled by the support of so many people, whom I frankly owe my world, but...
Katey Coppola-Nayar: there is no downtime, ever. the fun is taken from SL in a lot of ways, and you know you can handle it if what you're doing is just a different kind of fun
Katey Coppola-Nayar: and I'm a workaholic so it bleeds into rl anyway. I'm always looking at emails, replying to offlines, trying to stay aware
Katey Coppola-Nayar: when I started the store I went nearly two years without a day off, and when I did go on holiday and turn my emails off it was SO strange hah
Kittee Skytower: sounds like a lot of work, but also like you enjoy what you do
Katey Coppola-Nayar: yeah definitely, a LOT :) the little niggly bits are nothing compared to how amazing this all is
Kittee Skytower: Are there any things you like doing for just fun on SL?
Katey Coppola-Nayar: I still love taking photos of my friends, family, partner. I've got an sl family, and I couldn't ever imagine my SL without that part of it
Kittee Skytower: :) that's sweet
Katey Coppola-Nayar: and I have a child avatar, and she goes to school and goes to summer camp and things, so yeah :)
Kittee Skytower: \o/
Kittee Skytower: that sounds really fun actually
Kittee Skytower: lol
Katey Coppola-Nayar: it so is! haha :D
Kittee Skytower: have you ever had any weird experiences with customers...funny ones, anything?
Katey Coppola-Nayar: ohhh gosh
Katey Coppola-Nayar: LOL
Katey Coppola-Nayar: sissy, you want to take this one? haha
Bette Caroline Bodenhall: That's like... Opening a really unorganized person's inventory. There's so much.
Kittee Skytower: lol
Katey Coppola-Nayar: we have the best customers in the world, man
Katey Coppola-Nayar: they're all fabulously eccentric and creative and brilliant
Bette Caroline Bodenhall: I think the best customer was one that was... shopping... and we were all on our kid avatars. (Katey was sleeping.) And we were driving aorund Glitterati in a Barbie car... and she stopped shopping to jump in the Barbie car with us and play.
Katey Coppola-Nayar: loooool
Kittee Skytower: lolol
Bette Caroline Bodenhall: I was like yeahhh sissy sparkle is so waking up to complaints.
Bette Caroline Bodenhall: "these BRATS ARE DISRUPPTING MY SHOPPING."
Kittee Skytower: that sounds super fun
Bette Caroline Bodenhall: But no.
Bette Caroline Bodenhall: lol.
Kittee Skytower: thats a cute story lol
Katey Coppola-Nayar: oh and...
Katey Coppola-Nayar: I retired gift cards over a year ago because they broke... but we still get IMs asking why they aren't working.. a few days ago Bette got one, she said "oh no, sorry, they were retired a long time ago" and the customer replied "BUT I'M *popular sl pageant* CONTESTANT"
Katey Coppola-Nayar: like... oh?
Katey Coppola-Nayar: hahaha
Katey Coppola-Nayar: stuff like that makes me giggle
Bette Caroline Bodenhall: Oh yeah that one. Lol.
Kittee Skytower: lololol
Kittee Skytower: woah
Kittee Skytower: what do you even say to that? lol
Katey Coppola-Nayar: it's always kinda funny when someone pulls the DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM card in SL, because I don't know about you guys but most of the time I'm sitting in front of the computer in my PJs with the cat
Bette Caroline Bodenhall: Picking cat hair outta' her bra.Kittee Skytower is wearing pjs now
Bette Caroline Bodenhall: True story. ❤
Katey Coppola-Nayar: and belly button.
Katey Coppola-Nayar: hahaha
Katey Coppola-Nayar: #foreveralone
Kittee Skytower: lolololKittee Skytower: gah well i guess some ppl let being "famous" on sl get to their heads
Katey Coppola-Nayar: it's a silly concept anyway but it's funny when people take it seriouslyKittee Skytower: yeah for realsies
Kittee Skytower: so lets talk a bout something I've been super fangirl excited aboutKittee Skytower: your new clothing line!
Katey Coppola-Nayar: Squee!
Katey Coppola-Nayar: I'm super excited too! and terrified!
Kittee Skytower: can you tell me where you got the idea to do it, and when you began working on the clothing designs etc?
Katey Coppola-Nayar: I got the idea before I even signed up to SL lol I was like "wow I get to be a clothing horse where EVERYTHING FITS!"
Katey Coppola-Nayar: heels don't hurt, panties don't ride up your butt, NO MUFFIN TOPS!
Kittee Skytower: lol
Kittee Skytower: very true
Kittee Skytower: im wearing a Canadian tuxedo now...would never do that IRL
Katey Coppola-Nayar: I've been working on it for about a month now... started off making clothes for kids on my kiddo avatar, but enjoyed it so much I wanted to branch out a bit
Katey Coppola-Nayar: clothing for kids is quite restrictive with hemlines, bellies showing, necklines, etc
Katey Coppola-Nayar: so it's fun to have free reign too!
Kittee Skytower: \☻/
Kittee Skytower: where did the name Petticoat Lane come from? It sounds so girly
Katey Coppola-Nayar: both mine and bette's outfits are petticoat lane :) you'll have to come take a peek at the store, it's set up but still closed off
Kittee Skytower: oi yes id love to! ❤
Katey Coppola-Nayar: my friend, sgoobzy, mentioned it! I thought it sounded so English and vintage, and I love the rl Petticoat Lane, which is a market in East London
Kittee Skytower: :o nice
Kittee Skytower: when is the grand openining?
Katey Coppola-Nayar: I reckon it'll be tomorrow :) I'm going to send an slurl to my VIP group tonight to let them have a sneak around first
Katey Coppola-Nayar: it's not a very well planned opening really lol
Kittee Skytower: lol I can announce it on the site also if you like
Kittee Skytower: all 3 of my followers will come
Kittee Skytower: lolol
Katey Coppola-Nayar: that'd be amazing, thank you so much!
Katey Coppola-Nayar: I'll make sure they'll have personal shoppers! and by personal shoppers I mean me and bette going I LIKE PINK STUFF, YOU SHOULD LOOK AT THE PINK STUFF
Kittee Skytower: np :o)
Bette Caroline Bodenhall: Rofll ahaha.
Kittee Skytower: oh i would love that just reinforces what I already do, i go for pink first lolol
Katey Coppola-Nayar: for real!
Kittee Skytower: so Katey, any future plans for Glitterati or Petticoat Lane people should know about?
Katey Coppola-Nayar: well, y'all are stuck with me longterm, I know that much!
Katey Coppola-Nayar: I'd love to grow petticoat lane, maybe if it takes off it'll get its own sim next to glit, with a rebuild that connects the two
Katey Coppola-Nayar: and the annual 100L sale is coming up in a few weeks so no one buy anything for a while! lol
Kittee Skytower: lol
Kittee Skytower makes note to self
Kittee Skytower: Do you have any advice for posemakers starting out?
Katey Coppola-Nayar: use qavimator, poser is harrrrrd. pay attention to avatar weight distribution, because it looks so much more natural if you get that right, and I'm still trying hah
Katey Coppola-Nayar: and don't get too caught up in the "he copied me" "i made that first" drama llama rubbish, because nothing is original anymore haha
Katey Coppola-Nayar: oh and... never be shy to ask for help! posers are the loveliest people ever, pose fair's my favourite time of year because of them
Kittee Skytower: "use qavimator, poser is harrrrrd." so u mean using it is hard or dont use it?
Katey Coppola-Nayar: poser is a posemaking programme and it's not really designed for sl avatar animating at all, unless you're dealing with long animations. qavimator is much easier to learn, and use, because it's made for sl avatars :)Kittee Skytower: ooo ok
Kittee Skytower: sorry im a noob
Katey Coppola-Nayar: Noooooooooooooooo! it's fine! I shoulda explained myself better first off!
Kittee Skytower: lol np :P
Kittee Skytower: oh, what kinds of clothes will Petticoat Lane be offering?
Katey Coppola-Nayar: good question! I'm an idiot so my brain went "shit ones!" but that's probably not a good answer right lol
Kittee Skytower: probably not lololol
Katey Coppola-Nayar: I just wanna make things I like really... pretty dresses, casual clothes, soft tailoring, vintage, affordable stuff
Kittee Skytower: any accessories?
Katey Coppola-Nayar: maybe! I love building and texturing things so you never know!
Katey Coppola-Nayar: and maybe furniture too :)
Kittee Skytower: :o sweet!
Katey Coppola-Nayar: I'm really faddy... I spent two weeks building houses a few months ago and stuff, they're just sitting in my inventory haha
Kittee Skytower: lol
Kittee Skytower: so is there anything else youd like our readers to know about you or your stores?
Katey Coppola-Nayar: that it's a group effort, really. I feel like I get a lot of support and love and I appreciate it so much but people like Bette, Kaz my partner, and Suti my pet homo deserve lots too
Kittee Skytower: rofl
Bette Caroline Bodenhall: AHahahahaha
Bette Caroline Bodenhall: /trololo
Bette Caroline Bodenhall: Oh... don't have it.
Kittee Skytower: lol
Katey Coppola-Nayar: bette keeps my shit together, kaz makes some of the best poses I can even think of, and suti has known me a long enough time that he remembers when I was dj katey in a strip club so.. yaknow
Kittee Skytower: :o
Kittee Skytower: lolol
Katey Coppola-Nayar: glitterati is a group effort, comprised of people who know and accept that I'm a control freak who has breakdowns twice a day lolKittee Skytower: what kind of music did you play?
Katey Coppola-Nayar: all sorts really! and once I played a Heidi Montag song, and because of that, 4 years later, I'm still stuck with Suti. *sighs*
Katey Coppola-Nayar: loljk I love him to death
Katey Coppola-Nayar: but don't tell him that
Katey Coppola-Nayar: :/
Kittee Skytower: lol well if he reads the blog hes gonna see it!
Katey Coppola -Nayar: shit!

Katey Coppola - Nayar
Glitterati & Petticoat Lane Owner

Bette, Katey & Kittee 

Outfit to be tied!

I am going to say from the outset that I generally hate "outfits" in SL. I would much rather put together my own combos. But occasionally whole outfits make me very, very happy. Imagine my surprise when I went to buy the new sneak preview outfit from Argyle Anonymous on sale for L$75! The ad looked great, sure, but I could not have been happier with the purchase if I had paid much more. Not only is every piece done well, but the texture-changing tie (with about a zillion cool options) keeps it fresh.

I can't wait for the full line!

Hair - Cheerno [Sand dollaR]
Eyes - ! FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Clover Green Light v2
Skin - the body co. Hunter (02 Ivory)
Outfit - Argyle Anonymous SBS Chance Preview
Poses by STAKEY

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Exclusive Sneek Peak at the new Petticoat Lane!

Today I had the pleasure of meeting the awesome Katey Coppola, owner of Glitterati. Katey is trying her hand at the world of fashion and her newest venture, Petticoat Lane, will be open to the public sometime tomorrow! You can look forward to very pretty, super girly designs, long flowing dresses and adorable PJS. Make your way to Glitterati tomorrow to check it out, and be sure to check back here tomorrow night for our third installment of Designer's Corner with Ms. Coppola herself! It's a good one :) 

Here are some exclusive pics taken by moi at the new Petticoat Lane. 

Friday, July 22, 2011


I love FLF because I love good stuff for a cheap price.
They've got some awesome shiz out this week...feast your eyes on the following. 

The proof is in the pudding. 

Style Notes: 
Hair: !lamb. Bedhead - Blur Ombre (New! but not 50L ) 
Glasses: MIEL HIPSTER PEEPERS - tortoise shell  (FLF item)
Top: /artilleri/ Annalee bikini *white*
Bottoms: +mocha+  -  Dot Short Leggings - Vivid Tone (FLF item)
Shoes: **DECO - Bloom Heels (Cream)** (FLF item)
Picnic blanket: /artilleri/ Picnic blanket (FLF item)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Favorite Store OTM

I go through stretches of time in SL with one absolute favorite store. For a while (a long while)  R.icielli held that crown but as of late my favorite store of the moment is definitely Mon Tissu. It's girly, well made, and casual...all the things I love. Plus they have lacey things...lace is my boyfriend, or girlfriend. Either way I would like to marry it.

And for all my secret admirers - all one of you - here is a close up of my brand spankin' new sl mug.

All clothes and necklace by :Mon Tissu

Glitterati Branches out into Petticoat Lane

Petticoat Lane a new clothing line by Glitterati's Katey Katey Coppola will be featured in tomorrow's Fifty Linden Friday line-up! The clothes are out a bit early, and there's one pre-release and one exclusive pattern. Petticoat Lane will be set up where the family poses used to be, and if her clothes are anything like her poses it's sure to be a smash hit. 

Katey sent out these ads to her VIP group today

         This week's FLF lineup:
  • This is a Fawn
  • GoS 
  • The Plastik
  • Pettitcoat Lane 
  • Theosophy 
  • DECO 
  • HooT 
  • Miel 
  • Artilleri 
  • PDA 
  • mocha 
  • Lamb 
  • Cheeky Pea

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Designer's Corner 2 : Rob Moonites (*FIR & MNA*)


Hello! And welcome to the second installment of Designer's Corner! This time around we're interviewing the disgustingly talented Rob Moonites! I was stoked when Rob agreed to be interviewed by The Plastics Blog but that's nothing compared to Barely's excitement. See that creeper behind me? That's Barely...he's the HUGEST FIR & MNA fan ever and I couldn't keep him away. We tag-teamed this interview and Rob's lovely girlfriend Hallie even came along.

From humble beginnings to being one of the most well known stores in all of SL, FIR & MNA is the go to place for beautifully detailed clothing & extremely well sculpted shoes. A leader in the ever growing world of men's fashion, FIR & MNA isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

(Disclaimer this interview is very long and Barely get's very fanboyish. You were warned)

Kittee Skytower: soooo are u ready for my q's?
Barely Texan: Rob, I would just like to say that, amazingly enough, I have the same shoes.
Rob Moonites: yess
Rob Moonites: haha 
Rob Moonites: that's shocking
Barely Texan: I know. We have excellent taste.
Hallie Galli-Moonites: how was the seasons hunt for you? ㋡
Barely Texan: I just went to Fir and didn't bother with the rest :P
Hallie Galli-Moonites: lol
Barely Texan: I am lying.
Rob Moonites: lolol
Rob Moonites: I like that
Kittee Skytower: ok so first q is how long have u been playing SL?
Rob Moonites: I just passed my third rezz day, I think it was last week
Rob Moonites: yes, 3 years and 5 days
Kittee Skytower: \☻/
Kittee Skytower: ok and what got you started playing the game?
Rob Moonites: I heard about it once or twice, and I logged on and never made it off help island
Rob Moonites: then I tried again and made it a little further
Rob Moonites: that was like a year after trying the first time, I think
Kittee Skytower: Have you always used this same avatar?
Rob Moonites: yeah... I mean if I had any sense I'd have gone back and made another avatar with less numbers?
Kittee Skytower: lol
Barely Texan laughs
Rob Moonites: but I had no idea i'd still be here 3 years later
Barely Texan: What kept you here?
Rob Moonites: how dynamic SL is... initially I owned a club, then I moved to building, then eventually making clothing... but it was limitless, there was nothing to stop you creating whatever you wanted
Kittee Skytower: what was the name of your club?
Rob Moonites: Triniti Paradise
Hallie Galli-Moonites: :\
Kittee Skytower: lol
Rob Moonites: lol
Kittee Skytower: why the :/
Hallie Galli-Moonites: I was hoping for #s
Kittee Skytower: rofl
Rob Moonites: she's making fun of me
Rob Moonites: cause she's mean
Kittee Skytower: :o
Hallie Galli-Moonites:
Barely Texan laughs
Rob Moonites:
Kittee Skytower: feel free to fight lol

         Hallie Gallie-Moonites  

Kittee Skytower: so why did you decide to start designing clothing?
Rob Moonites: to be honest... I was way more into it than I should have been, it really fascinated me... and when I started to not be able to find exactly what I wanted I started to dig deeper
Rob Moonites: a friend of mine had a store, now closed, called Valiant, and he taught me some basics and I went with them
Kittee Skytower: oh cool, what do you mean when you say you were more into it than you shouldve been, did it kind of take over your RL or?
Rob Moonites: oh... more into clothing than I should have been... like I paid more attention to design than most fellas, I suppose
Kittee Skytower: ahh ok :)
Kittee Skytower: so how long have you had your store now?
Rob Moonites: just about 2 years
Rob Moonites: I started with a little 512 mainland back then
Rob Moonites: and it's funny to think back on how it has grown
Kittee Skytower: yeah thats def crazy
Barely Texan: Where does the name come from?
Kittee Skytower: good one Barely
Kittee Skytower: Hi5!
Hallie Galli-Moonites: FIR & MNA is men & women in Irish.
Kittee Skytower: :o
Barely Texan: Oh!
Kittee Skytower: how did you choose it?
Rob Moonites: I was one of very few Irish I'd met in SL
Rob Moonites: and I wanted to link my store with me
Rob Moonites: with Irish...
Rob Moonites: somehow lol
Kittee Skytower: are you Irish as in born in Ireland
Barely Texan: It's a better name than Rob's Fekkin' Clothes, I think.
Rob Moonites: yeah, I'm in Dublin right now
Rob Moonites: lol
Rob Moonites: so the store name came from trying to tie it to my heritage a bit 
Barely Texan: I am also in Dublin. Texas.
Barely Texan: Rob, you obviously saw a problem with men's fashion in SL™.
Was it- and is it- a problem with quantity or quality?
Rob Moonites: with some things, yeah... mostly layers to be honest... but now it's different, I suppose
Rob Moonites: initially, I wanted clothing I could put on any layer I wanted [
Rob Moonites: a lack of underpants layer with pants was really annoying, etc Rob Moonites: now I guess it's different with 2.x viewers
Rob Moonites: now I just wanna sculpt... that I have learned how... that came about a year ago and in the last few months I've started teaching classes
Kittee Skytower: was it difficult for you to learn to sculpt?
Rob Moonites: it was, but I found Xeniversity in-world... learning to sculpt from google/youtube is a nightmare. In-world classes made it so much easier
Kittee Skytower: k, so whats your favorite part of being a designer would you say?
Rob Moonites: oh... interacting with other designers, definitely
Rob Moonites: bouncing off other creative minds, it's addictive
Rob Moonites: I love talking ideas through, getting on skype with friends and helping each other out. That's my favourite
Kittee Skytower: :)
Kittee Skytower: alrite then so whats the hardest part?
Rob Moonites: the hardest part is the hours... I'll work about 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to try to release once a week
Kittee Skytower: yikes 
Rob Moonites: it doesn't always work out and it certainly doesn't pay for itself...
Kittee Skytower: is this your full time job then?
Rob Moonites: I am doing a masters in RL atm also
Rob Moonites: I am three weeks away from finishing
Kittee Skytower: \o/
Kittee Skytower: anything fashion or graphic related?
Rob Moonites: pretty much.... Applied Digital Media... it's very focused on animation, 3D and visual communication
Kittee Skytower: awesome :) when you are done are you still planning to work on SL or will you be focused on other projects?
Rob Moonites: I plan to keep my SL projects going... but also work on things in RL Rob Moonites: try to find the balance :)
Kittee Skytower: being that you've had a store so long now, any weird stories with customers? lo
Rob Moonites: lolforever
Barely Texan looks the other direction.
Kittee Skytower: lolol
Kittee Skytower: besides Barely please
Rob Moonites: well, besides Barely...
Hallie Galli-Moonites: oh god, it's daily
Kittee Skytower: rofl
Rob Moonites: to be totally honest... my customers are great...
Rob Moonites: it's the rest that drives me crazy
Kittee Skytower: lol examples?
Rob Moonites: it's amazing how many blogs are started daily in SL... and in need of support
Rob Moonites: nobody can read profiles
Rob Moonites: also amazing
Rob Moonites: but the groups that I am involved in provide the best comic relief, I think like... for example the seasons hunt today... Hallie has a great website that is updated as a store is added/removed, etc... and there were a few stores marked off Hallie Galli-Moonites: oh god lol
Rob Moonites: so a girl asks in chat today...
Kittee Skytower: uh oh
Rob Moonites: "is skip me the name of a store...?"
Barely Texan: Bwahahaha
Kittee Skytower: rofl omg
Kittee Skytower dies
Hallie Galli-Moonites: yep.
Rob Moonites: even though there was three stores marked with "skip me" and no lm 
Rob Moonites: but yeah
Hallie Galli-Moonites: I guess that's not really your store though lol
Kittee Skytower: someone should do a store called Skip me just for that story
Rob Moonites: try to dilute that somehow into a daily occurrence...
Rob Moonites: and that's SL lol
Kittee Skytower: lol
Hallie Galli-Moonites: my friend is going to rebrand from Duh! to Skip Me
Barely Texan laughs
Kittee Skytower: lol
Rob Moonites: someone wanted to call their store "Not Out Yet"
Barely Texan: Ha!
Kittee Skytower: do you spend any time just having fun on SL? or is it all work?
Rob Moonites: oh yes
Kittee Skytower: what do u do for fun
Hallie Galli-Moonites: he loves breedables
Rob Moonites: I live on the best sim, with amazing residents, most of which make stuff...
Rob Moonites: and we drive cars into each other, leave terrible things in each other's houses, attack each other with guns
Kittee Skytower: :o rofl that sounds awesome
Kittee Skytower: are you into meeros
Rob Moonites: :/:
Rob Moonites: Hallie likes cats
Rob Moonites: and pet rocks
Barely Texan has cats too.
Rob Moonites: uh oh
Hallie Galli-Moonites: Rob hates breedables
Kittee Skytower: shhh barely ur gonna scare him
Rob Moonites: I avoid them at all costs but my neighbours still like to leave them on my doorstep
Hallie Galli-Moonites: lol
Kittee Skytower: hahaha


Rob Moonites: literally...
Barely Texan: ❤
Hallie Galli-Moonites: Weezey did a good job.
Kittee Skytower: rofl
Rob Moonites: Weezey is satan
Kittee Skytower: i like the ones in blankets
Hallie Galli-Moonites: and the prim cube does breed
Hallie Galli-Moonites: those are "sick"
Kittee Skytower: looks like a good time
Barely Texan: So what do you think about the state of men's fashion right now in SL? Rob Moonites: I think it's good... to be honest… I hate the usual suspects saying "oh there's no men's items". It's just such a tired response
Kittee Skytower nods
Rob Moonites: anyone that puts time into it can find decent men's items without complaining
Rob Moonites: they may not be right there in your face...
Rob Moonites: but they're there and men's fashion is always improving
Barely Texan: Do you think the overall quality is like you'd find in women's fashion?
Rob Moonites: yes and no... I think we lose on quantity, for sure. I think there's certain SL limitations that make creating for men more difficult but I think we have in and around the 50%ish the number of quality stores that the women have
Rob Moonites: as is life. If men spent more money there would be more stores and more options
Rob Moonites: but yeah...
Barely Texan: Yeah, without a doubt
Barely Texan: How has the Menstuff group helped with that do you think?
Rob Moonites: the MENStuff group is great for the whole quantity aspect of that... but we need to encourage more of a spending culture in SL versus the freebie one Kittee Skytower: speaking of spending, anything new your customers should know about?
Rob Moonites: oh... I do have a nice idea in the works... I'm gonna get some friends to create original artwork for some shoes, they'll most likely be other well known designers and SL figures
Kittee Skytower: :o
Rob Moonites: they may be limited edition... or regular sale, that hasn't been decided yet…likely limited sale
Kittee Skytower: any idea when those will come out?
Rob Moonites: hopefully in the next month
Kittee Skytower: yay! 
Rob Moonites: :))
Barely Texan: And when will your new hairs be available in store?
Rob Moonites: lol
Barely Texan grins
Rob Moonites: I didn't think anyone wanted them
Rob Moonites: I'll probably drop them out in the next week
Barely Texan: Rob. I have demos. I just couldn't fight the lag. I am only flesh and blood.
Rob Moonites: lolol
Rob Moonites: oh, I've also revamped with fancy links to the marketplace on a lot of items
Barely Texan: Nice. :)
Kittee Skytower: Rob, anything else you'd like to tell our readers?
Rob Moonites: absolutely not
Kittee Skytower: lol
Rob Moonites: they'll need to join the group to get anything else from
Kittee Skytower: oh btw i heard u were a mean girls fan?
Rob Moonites: lololol
Rob Moonites: yes :/
Kittee Skytower: who is ur fav?
Rob Moonites: you can't just ask if I'm a mean girls fan
Kittee Skytower: too late, Hallie already told me before so
Rob Moonites: Regina George
Kittee Skytower: \o/
Rob Moonites: definitely lolol
Kittee Skytower: lolol thats great
Hallie Galli-Moonites: I have no comment

Rob Moonites
FIR & MNA Owner
RL Location: Dublin

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

3 days and 75 items later...

After 3 days, numerous crashes, and mass amounts lag...I have come out of The Seasons Hunt Summer Edition a better person....with a lot of free stuff. This was my first time doing The Seasons Hunt and I have to say that I just cannot wait for the Fall Edition to come out. It was a fun time with so many great items from so many amazing stores...and I even made a new friend along the way. What I have put together in my pictures are just some of the items that I got in the hunt, Who knew hunting around for Steve the shark would pay off so well?

Style Notes in order from left to right:


Hair - Shag - Hearts flutter - Bombshell (Hunt Item)
Jewelry - ::Duh!:: Colors of Summer set (Hunt Item)
Bag - Berries Inc. Summer Bag (Hunt Item)
Shorts - The Secret Store - Summer Beach Shorts in Lagoon (Hunt Item)
Cami - - Basic.Cami in White (not hunt item but free in store)
Shoes - LYNX - Adonia Stilletto
Skin - Al Vulo - Ninni in Pink Fresh


Hair - !lamb. Heart - Honeycomb
Skin - Tuli - Gina / Sunkissed
Top - Ingenue :: Jolene Tank(Hunt Item)
Pants - [NSD]Tour Boas Shorts (Hunt Item)
Shoes - *FIR & MNA* The Twine Shoes (Hunt Item)
Bracelet - [Glow] studio - Ribbon and Pearls Bracelet (Hunt Item)
Purse - Ohmai : Sun Pouch (Hunt Item)


Hair - !lamb. Heart - Honeycomb
Dress - paper.doll - Aria (Hunt Item)
Shoes - [PM] Baby T's Plain : Black
Pose - Glitterati


Hair - !lamb. Heart - Honeycomb
Skin - Al Vulo - Ninni in Fresh Pink
Top - sur+ [Creamsicle bodysuit seamed](Hunt Item)
Pants - suzy / loose jeans * black (Hunt Item)
Shoes - [PM] Baby T's Plain : Black

Bikini Outfit #1

Hair - [e] Me - Blonde 10
Bikini - Milk Motion - My Itsi Bitsi Bikini (Hunt Item)
Bangle - LaGyo - Cocoa Tropic Bangle (Hunt Item)
Shoes - [Sleepy Eddy] Boston Sandal (Hunt Item)
Sunglasses - HOC - Aviator Style Glasses #003 Female
Skin - -[AddiCt]- RAIA/Sunkissed - Summer (Hunt Item)
Pose - Olive Juice - Beach Bodies Pose (Hunt Item)

Bikini Outfit #2

Hair - RAW HOUSE :: Lauren [LtBlonde 05 w/ roots] (Hunt Item)
Skin -[AddiCt]- RAIA/Sunkissed - Summer (Hunt Item)
Sunglasses - HOC - Aviator Style Glasses #003 Female
Bikini - -tb- Summer Bikini Outfit (Hunt Item)
Shoes - [PM] Baby T's Plain - Black

Biniki Outfit #3

Hair - !lamb.Heart - Honeycomb
Skin -[AddiCt]- RAIA/Sunkissed - Summer (Hunt Item)
Sunglasses - HOC - Aviator Style Glasses #003 Female
Bikini - Doppelganger Inc. - Ikat Bikini (Hunt Item)
Necklace - Caroline's Jewelry - Sea Necklace (Hunt item)
Bracelet - CONCRETE FLOWERS - Beach Bracelet (Hunt Item)
Shoes - Magi - Leather Flip Flops in Black Tack

Bikini Outfit #4

Hair - [e] Me - Blonde 10
Skin -[AddiCt]- RAIA/Sunkissed - Summer (Hunt Item)
Sunglasses - HOC - Aviator Style Glasses #003 Female
Top - - O.Sailor Tankini (Hunt Item)
Pants - Willow~ Linen Pants (Hunt Item)
Shoes - Magi - Leather Flip Flops in Black Tack

((Poses by Glitterati, Olive Juice & Ricielli!))

Keep it classy SL,

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Sweet

Summer is probably one of my favorite seasons of the year.....well besides fall (thats when hockey season starts). All a girl ever really needs in summer is a good pair of wedges, some sunglasses, and a cute outfit. Especially if said outfit was free.

Style Notes...

Hair - !lamb. - Heart in Honeycomb
Skin - Al Vulo Ninni in Fresh Pink
Romper - The Sea Hole - DNA Summer Suit (FREEEEE<3)
Shoes - LYNX - Adonia Stilettos
Sunglasses - HOC - Aviator Style Glasses #003 Female
Piercing - [ni.ju] Monroe piercing (free)

Keep it classy SL,

Designer's Corner 1: Amutey DeCuir (Bliss Couture)

Welcome to the very first installment of Designer’s Corner on The Plastics Blog! For our first post in the series, we have decided to interview a designer who is a staple of second life: Amutey DeCuir.

After four long years on second life, Amutey DeCuir’s Bliss Couture shop is up to 37,000 members (and counting). With the success of her store, Amutey looks back at her SL beginnings, and what got her started on her long and amazing journey as a second life designer. 

Kittee Skytower: 1st question is, how long have you been on SL?
Amutey DeCuir: 4 years
Amutey DeCuir: sorry was counting
Amutey DeCuir: lol
Kittee Skytower: lol its ok
Kittee Skytower: why did you start playing the game?
Amutey DeCuir: I've always been a fan of "the sims" when I was a kid
Amutey DeCuir: and I saw SL on a blog and thought it looks like sims
Kittee Skytower: cool :) i love sims also \o/
Kittee Skytower: when was Bliss Couture started?
Amutey DeCuir: around march 2008
Kittee Skytower: that’s a long time, so why did you decide to start designing in SL?
Kittee Skytower: and also, why formal wear?
Amutey DeCuir: the first place I arrived in sl was a ballroom, everyone looks like disney princess
Kittee Skytower: awww
Amutey DeCuir: I did really see a golden gown looks like the gown belle wore in beauty and the beast.
Amutey DeCuir: lol
Kittee Skytower: so, why did you decide to start a store?
Amutey DeCuir: My best friend made me to
Amutey DeCuir: she know I am an artist in rl and all we did is to shop
Amutey DeCuir: she think I should at least make something out of it instead of shopping (plus we got nothing left to buy), haha
Kittee Skytower: lollol
Kittee Skytower: what do you do in RL in terms of art?
Amutey DeCuir: mostly painting and photography but I also did installation ceramic and sculptures
Kittee Skytower: oh that’s so cool :D
Kittee Skytower: so was it difficult for you to learn how to make clothing in SL?
Amutey DeCuir: not really, it was kinda fun
Amutey DeCuir: but of course there were a lot of trail and errors
Kittee Skytower: what would you say is your fav part of being a designer in SL?
Amutey DeCuir: I think sl is a platform to feed my creative soul, I make whatever I want here without limit. I've images in my head all the time, either I've to draw them or make them in sl to get rid of them
Amutey DeCuir: sounds crazy lol
Kittee Skytower: haha
Kittee Skytower: so what would you say is the most difficult part of being a SL designer
Amutey DeCuir: I can’t think of any lol
Amutey DeCuir: I love every bits of it
Kittee Skytower: :D
Kittee Skytower: where do you get your inspiration from?
Amutey DeCuir: usually begins with the images in my head, at times I would have like 5 gown images in my head randomly
Amutey DeCuir: or hair or dresses
Amutey DeCuir: I just follow the flow lol
Kittee Skytower: do you do anything fashion related in RL?
Amutey DeCuir: I had a couple of boutiques in sydney and shanghai but I don’t have to run it myself
Amutey DeCuir: I basically sl full time
Kittee Skytower: what kind of clothes were there?
Amutey DeCuir: mostly cocktail dresses and accessories
Kittee Skytower: have you had any weird or funny experiences with customers or just in SL in general that stand out to you?
Amutey DeCuir: I had a customer who follow bliss since bliss started and we are not best friends
Amutey DeCuir: so far I'm lucky all my customers are very sweet, dont really have weird ones
Kittee Skytower: so what do you like to do for fun on SL? Do u still go shopping?
Amutey DeCuir: yes I love different kinda fairs. The rest of the time I usually stay in and make stuffs
Amutey DeCuir: lol
Kittee Skytower: :D
Kittee Skytower: so any advice for people starting out in designing on SL?
Amutey DeCuir: be creative and have fun, afterall sl is for fun
Kittee Skytower: great, anything else you'd like to add or tell our readers?
Amutey DeCuir: Bliss couture will be having our 3rd members appreciation month to celebrate our 37000 Bliss dolls, there will be over 10 gifts prepared for everyone :)
Kittee Skytower: :o
Kittee Skytower: nice!
Kittee Skytower: when does that start?
Amutey DeCuir: 22nd july to 21st Aug
Kittee Skytower: ok great, and lastly what are your future plans for Bliss?
Amutey DeCuir: in the very near future we will have our hat line coming :) and hair attachment and hairbase afterwards
Kittee Skytower: yay ty Amutey! oh why did you pick your SL name btw
Amutey DeCuir: hahahaha
Amutey DeCuir: i didnt know its a "name" name
Amutey DeCuir: i've to use forever
Kittee Skytower: aww omg lol
Amutey DeCuir: its actually A Mute y
Amutey DeCuir: I hate talking, well not anymore apparently lol

Amutey DeCuir
Bliss Couture Owner
RL Location: Hong Kong